Worth Repeating


Manchester Area Youth Sports
MAYS Scholarship $250.00
MHS Spanish Club Migrant Baskets $400.00
Klager Elementary Publish Book on Martin Luther King, Jr. $140.00
Preceptor Gamma Theta Easter Baskets $250.00
Gazebo Concerts Gazebo Concerts $500.00
Manchester District Library Movie License $405.00
Manchester High School Freshman/Sophmore College Tours $1,337.61
Riverfolk/Cultural Arts Day Camp Tuition $275.00
Manchester Community Fair Senior Citizens Day at the Fair $500.00
Klager Elementary Consumables (laminate, batteries, etc) $1,245.83
Wittenberg University Jacobs Scholarship $5,000.00
University of Michigan Pope Scholarship $5,000.00
Manchester High School Bands Glow Show $50.00
M. Community Schools Foundation Family Trivia Night $100.00
M. Area Senior Citizens Council Food Program $2,000.00
Manchester High School Bowling Team $1,000.00



Klager Elementary Spanish Language Program $207.70
Klager Elementary Hudson Mills Science Program $175.00
Preceptor Gamma Theta Easter Baskets $200.00
Community Resource Center Emergency Funds $6,000.00
Manchester Area Youth Sports Baseball Equipment $100.00
Manchester High School College Visits $2,500.00
Manchester District Library New Computers for Kids Room & New Copier $2,500.00
Riverfolk Gazebo Concerts $500.00
Manchester First Steps Parents as Teachers Program $4,000.00
Klager Elementary Read Well Program $5,000.00
University of Michigan Englund Scholarship $5,000.00
Michigan State University Paul Scholarship $5,000.00
Michigan State University Herron Scholarship $5,000.00
M. Community Schools Foundation Crab Races $200.00
Manchester Senior Citizens Council Transportation Program $1,250.00
Manchester Middle School Two Ipads for Support Staff $300.00



Manchester Kids Club Toys for Daycare Center $688.17
Preceptor Gamma Theta Easter Baskets for Family Services $200.00
Manchester Soccer Assocation New Uniforms $500.00
Manchester Spanish Club Welcome Back Baskets for Migrant Workers $300.00
Riverfolk Music & Arts Gazebo Concerts $1,000.00
Klager Elementary Transportation to Swan Theatre $400.00
Manchester Early Childhood Center Second Step Kit & Touchmath Unit $658.00
Klager Elementary Consumables $1,314.19
Klager Elementary Ipods $895.00
University of Michigan Doan Scholarship $5,000.00
Michigan State University Evans Scholarship $5,000.00
Michigan State University Rice Scholarship $5,000.00
Brigham Young University Hicken Scholarhip $5,000.00
Manchester Senior Citizens Council Food Program $5,000.00
Manchester Co-Op Preschool Vacuum $500.00
Village of Manchester Kirk Park Repairs $5,000.00
Community Resource Center Volunteer Banquet $1,000.00
Manchester Early Childhood Center Conference Fees $658.30
Manchester Community Schools Fndtn. Crab Races $200.00
M. Community Schools/Education Project Beds, Blankets and Sheets $1,200.00
Manchester High Spanish Club Migrant Dental/Vision Program $400.00


Profit Distribution in 2012

Klager Elementary School Signing Times Video Series $509.97
Dutchmen Firefighters Association 1 RAD57 Pulse Oximeter $4,425.00
Foundation for Fighting Blindness VisionWalk $200.00
Manchester High School College vists for 9th/10th graders $1,500.00
Preceptor Gamma Theta Chapter Easter baskets for Family Service $200.00
Manchester Soccer Association Uniforms/new H.S. girls team $1,200.00
Manchester Early Childhood Develop. Installation of Playground Canopy $2,538.00
Manchester Gazebo Concerts Summer Concerts at the Gazebo Park $1,000.00
Manchester Softball Program New Uniforms $800.00
Manchester Education Foundation Proceeds from sales 3/8 - Celeb. Server $369.47
Manchester District Library Night Crew Program $200.00
MHS Spanish Club Welcome Baskets/Immigrant Workers $200.00
Manchester Community Resource Ctr. Emergency Funds $4,500.00
Klager Elementary School Batteries and other teaching supplies $889.87
Klager Elementary School Science Grant $225.00
Klager Elementary School Science Kits $481.70
Klager Elementary School Playground Spinner Bowl $341.57
Manchester Community Resource Ctr. Banquet Donation $1,000.00
Klager Elementary School
Second Step Program $758.00
Manchester Area Senior Citizens Council
Transportation/Bus Program
Manchester Community Schools Foundation
Sponsorship in the crab races



Profit Distribution in 2011

Manchester High School College visits for students $1,500.00
Preceptor Gamma Theta Easter Baskets $250.00
Dutchmen Firefighters Association 1 RAD 57 Pulse Oximeter $4,322.50
Klager Elementary School Earth Day Event $125.00
Foundation for Fighting Blindness VisionWalk $200.00
Riverfolk Gazebo Concert sponsor concerts $1,000.00
Klager Community Garden garden supplies & plants $300.00
Manchester Area Senior Citizens Council food program shortfall $2,500.00
Manchester Community Resource Center emergency fund $4,000.00
MHS Key Club socks for marines in Afghanistan $280.00
MHS Spanish Club Migrant Welcome Back baskets $300.00
American Cancer Society Relay for Life $1,000.00
Klager Elementary School letter/shape cutting equipment $856.00
Manchester District Library Medieval Faire $600.00
Manchester Family Services back to school gift cards $2,300.00
Klager Elementary School Batteries $182.20
Manchester Scholarships $5000 for 4 student scholarships $20,000.00
Manchester Early Childhood Center Playground Mulch $1,365.00
Manchester Comm. Schools Foundation crab races $200.00
Manchester Community Resource Center volunteer recognition donation $1,000.00
Manchester Early Childhood Center New Cribs $1,492.15
Klager Elementary School New Rain Gear $250.00
Vietnam Veterans Christmas Program $2,000.00
Manchester Family Services Target gift cards for children $850.00
Manchester Family Services Manchester Market gift cards $2,600.00
Manchester Family Services proceeds from 11/19 sales $1,600.00
Manchester Community Resource Center proceeds from 11/26 sales $875.00
Manchester Community Resource Center emergency fund $4,000.00
Klager Elementary School Hudson Mills Edventures $175.00